My name is Dot Sweeting and I created Local Authors’ Network in October 2016.

It all came about from working at a bookshop in Cairns. We regularly had authors come to the shop requesting that we stock their book but the owner was not able to deal with many individual authors and all the paperwork that that involved. I soon found out that this was the case for many independent book stores. Thus, I took on the task of liaising with the authors so any retail outlet only had me to deal with but, through me, had access to many local authors.

So Local Authors’ Network started with a small list of authors but it soon became apparent that there were many self published authors out there who welcomed some help with distribution of their books.

When I intially took up the challenge I said I would see where it takes me. So far it’s physically taken me from Townsville to Cooktown and onto the Atherton Tablelands. I have sought out book shops, Information Centres and any appropriate retail outlets. I also have a stall at Holloways Beach Market. I have developed links with libraries at Cairns Regional Council (covers Babinda to Smithfield), Mareeba Shire Council (4 libraries), Cassowary Coast Regional Council (4 libraries) and Tablelands Regional Council. I also take appropriate books to school suppliers.

Meeting the many creative writers has been a delight and I look forward to meeting many more….. and I know this is just the beginning.