How does it work?

You probably thought that once you had your precious book in your hand that the worst was over! Many creative people find the task of marketing and distribution a challenge. In some cases you’ve spent a considerable sum of money to get your book into print and you at least would like to get your money back. The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) has been set and you’re hopeful of making a profit.

When you approach bookshops, or any retail outlet, getting them to accept an unkown author is hard. If they do decide to accept your book the reality then kicks in that they will only pay you 50% (if you’re lucky!) of the RRP to cover their mark up. For some authors this is no where near enough and they resolve to do online sales only.

If you would like to come on board with Local Authors’ Network this is how it works.

This is the Author’s Agreement:

  • The author  supplies copies of their titles to Local Authors’ Network (LAN) on consignment.
  • They will be given a receipt for the number of books supplied.
  • I will market the books direct to retail outlets and libraries in FNQ (Townsville north)
  • I currently attend Holloways Market to sell the books and promote Local Authors’ Network.
  • Your book will also be listed on this website
  • LAN will pay the author 50% of RRP on sales to retail outlets and 60% on sales to libraries, market sales and web sales. Payment will be made once a month for sales in the previous month.

If this is of interest to you I would love to hear from you. You can contact me on 0401 930 034 or

Dot Sweeting


Information from the National Library of Australia concerning legal deposit of books

All the information on legal deposit can be found on our website:

As a quick overview, it is a requirement under the Copyright Act 1968 to deposit published material with the NLA. There may also be similar laws in other states and territories to deposit with the state or territory library We can also accept ebook versions of material (instead of physical) or ebook if that is the only format the publications are in.

On the web page in the first link is a link to the web form for e-deposit. We accept .epub, .mobi and .pdf files with more formats to be accepted in the future. Files must be free of DRM, but self-publishers and self-publishing authors can select their access licence with us ( so that they control the level of access that users in the NLA can access. Selecting “Commercial, Basic access as permitted under the Copyright Act” will allow the same level of access as a normal physical book would have had the deposited one.

If you have questions, you can email the NLA at or use the Contact Us form here:  (

If you need to check if the NLA hold publications you can search their catalogue here:, if your book is not there or has “deposit copy not held” you have not yet met their requirements.