Turning Points – Regaining Joy after Loss – Annabel Muis & Lesley Moseley (2010)


This book deals with Sudden Unwelcome Changes – ‘SUCs’. To turn SUC into Success you have to go through certain stages (Turning Points Model). A comprehensive ‘toolbox’ of strategies is offered for managing these changes. This is an easy to read, helpful book for people in crisis.

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About the Authors

Annabel Muis

Born in outback South Australia, Annabel Muis worked for almost forty years in several states and various positions, as a social worker, human resource development consultant and workshop facilitator. She has two children and five grandchildren, living in various parts of Australia. For twelve years she has been a regular contributor to Connect Magazine, a local community magazine, and with Lesley Moseley has co-authored two books: Turning Points, Regaining Joy after Loss, (2001; re-published 2010); and Turning Points, Key Thoughts (2015). A Reiki master since 1991, Annabel now offers Reiki treatments and conducts Reiki classes from her home in far north Queensland.

Lesley Moseley

At the age of twenty-three, Lesley Moseley moved from South Africa to Western Australia, where she worked as a financial analyst for BHP. Eventually moving to Kuranda in far north Queensland, she was for many years the owner and manager of ‘Kuranda-land, Ladies Designer-wear Fashions’. She has a daughter Kate, and treasured granddaughter, Lynka. With Annabel Muis, in 2001 Lesley co-authored Turning Points, Regaining Joy after Loss, and in 2015, Turning Points, Key Thoughts. Lesley now lives in Greenvale, in outback Queensland, and has several more publications including a one-act play, and memoirs of descendants of a family ancestor, an 1820 South African Settler.