Gulf Women Voices from Remote North West Queensland – Bronwyn Blake (2017)


What happens behind the station gates; beyond the shore?

Fifty-five women from across the remote Gulf of Carpentaria write about their lives in a world unknown to urban Australians.

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Graziers, fisherwomen, ringers, women in tourism, aviation and education, Indigenous women, and early women settlers tell riveting tales of their lives, families and work.

Funny, scary, amazing, and heartbreaking stories…. set in a world of vast landscapes, distance and merciless climate, the Wet, drought, bushfires and floods. It’s about the trawling or mustering incidents, including ‘Oh God, the baby’s coming!’ that interfere with the usual run of Gulf living.

From the kids wanting a baby croc for a pet to the terror of snake-bite with a flooded airstrip and impassable roads, these women treat the extraordinary events in their lives as just part of their remote way of life. These are tales to treasure: I guarantee they wont disappoint.