HMS Warspite – Chris Shaw (Wally Shaw) (2012)


Chris Shaw’s father, Wally, served aboard HMS Warspite from 1940 – 1942. In 1992 Wally wrote a report to document his experiences. In 2012 Chris Shaw re-discovered the report , and rather than have it lost to history, decided to turn it into this book.

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 About the Author

Chris Shaw was born in Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK in 1939, and was a small boy without his father, like many, during the Second World War; and, like the many, was subject to assassination attempts by Mr Hitler, the German egocentric maniac.

Local Primary School was followed by a scholarship to Brandeston Hall and Framlingham College. He secured an apprenticeship with Boots the Chemists in Tavern Street, Ipswich, and became a pharmacist in 1962.

He worked as a medical representative in North West London for 3 years, then for Roche Products in the Caribbean for 7 years, at which point he, and his Trinidadian wife, Anita, emigrated to Australia, where they settled in Cairns, Queensland in 1973.

Over twenty years, they had two children, a house at Clifton Beach, and two pharmacies with a bank rate of around 25%.

1990 brought a divorce from Anita, the sale of all assets, and in 1991, a re-marriage to Rebecca. Together, they have had 25 years of argument-free wedded bliss. (See Book 3). He had four years of severe depression, 1991-1995, then rejoined the work force as a locum pharmacist.

In 2001, he and Rebecca spent 12 months in UK – Chris working as a locum pharmacist around the country and both spending some quality time with his aged parents (94 & 92).

Chris retired from work in 2009, sat and wrote three books: ‘It’s all Relative, HMS Warspite, and Hey Guys! Here’s how you get more Nooky.’

He had a heart attack in 2012, at which time Rebecca retired from her Library Manager’s job, and they lived happily ever after.

Chris continued writing, and ‘My New Country’ told some stories of his brushes with Australian wildlife; human, animal and vegetable, and ‘Never let the Truth’, a series of stories about his hospital experiences, and much more.

His latest book, hot off the press, is ‘A Trillionaire’s Pathway: My Fantasy Hotel,’ about entrepreneurs. His first novel, nearly completed, is a romance that takes place in Norfolk between 1913 and 1920.

Chris enjoys being in ‘The Zone’; the experience of creative writing, as he also did as a violinist, so many years ago.