How to be the Big Person Your Little Person Needs – Claire Broad (2015)


Learn how to navigate, manage and avoid the triggers that can cause much unnecessary despair when raising Little People. An easy to read, practical book that draws on Claire’s decade of experience in the childcare industry. A must read for parents starting out.

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This brilliant book gives parents strategies to overcome sleeping, eating and behavioural issues. It covers sibling rivalry, tantrums, night-time wakeups, aggression, control battles, whining, jack-in-the-box bedtimes and so much more.

How to be the big person your little person needs ‘is a guide for parents with toddlers who are seeking a calmer life with improved behaviour from their children. The world of parenting advice has become overwhelming, confusing and often conflicting. This has left parents totally bewildered and terrified to take control of the situation. What is the best way? What if they fail? Maybe it is just easier to wait until she ‘grows out of it’.

It enables the reader to cut through the noise of the ‘parenting advice industry’ and really look at their own situation and what will work in their household. It provides step by step instructions for having:

• Peaceful households.
• Long restful nights.
• Finished meals.
• Tranquil babies.
• Sibling harmony.
• Fantastic little listeners.
• Big people time every evening.
• A solid support network.
• Being able to look after you, and them too.

This book is different to other books about children’s behaviour because it has a strong focus on the big people too.
To be confident, happy, well adjusted little people, we must see these attributes in the big people that we look up to. That is why How to be the big person your little person needs is written to instill self-belief in parents, teach them to trust their own intuition. Then they will be empowered to raise little people with simple techniques and strategies confidently.



In the last ten years, Claire has nannied and cared for hundreds of children and their families.
In this time, Claire has gained huge insight into what makes kids tick as well as what makes
them flip.
Claire is on a mission to help parents and toddlers get along brilliantly so everyone feels calm,
happy and well-rested. She is inspired to do this because she has often seen the flipside –
where family life is chaotic and everyone feels frustrated and exhausted – and knows from
experience it doesn’t have to be this way.