Journey Beyond The Self – Dr E.M. Martin (2018)


Vignettes of a seeker’s life.

Have you ever wondered what the journey to enlightenment is like? We’ve all read accounts from those after they’ve reached enlightenment, but what did they actually go through, within their own minds, to reach this state? If you would like to know more about this process, then this book is for you.

Dr E.M.Martin, despite a comfortable life with a loving family and every measure of worldly success, had always been plagued by a feeling of desolation within her soul. In Journey Beyond the Self: Vignettes of a Seeker’s Life, she traverses the darkness of the psyche, bringing it to the light of consciousness and beyond. The vignettes take the reader on a journey to enlightenment through words, inspirations, poems and dreams as Dr Martin seeks to answer life’s great questions: Who am I, why am I here and what is the purpose of this life?

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About the Author

Educated in Singapore, Hawaii, Paris and Australia, Dr E.M. Martin is the consummate professional and holds three university degrees, including one in the medical science field. Raised in a spiritually aware family, she has been meditating since the age of fifteen. Meditation gave her glimpses into a deeper reality, so she has travelled to the far reaches of her outer and inner worlds, searching for the answers to life’s greater questions.