Whispers from the Trees – Glenda Ungermann (2018)


The many beautiful trees on this planet, in fact, do have a voice and an opinion on many subjects all over the globe. They are happy to help us and give their opinions to guide us as we make our journeys together. They give us valuable insights into our past, present and future lives.

This book has a unique blend of love and kindness to teach us about the planet we live on and the space around us, while encouraging us to live life to the fullest with wisdom, love and compassion for all.

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About the Author

Glenda Ungermann has been working with the trees on this planet for the last 10 years, writing the stories she has been given by these beautiful tree spirits. This gift was found while on her spiritual journey as she is able to translate their vibrations to words. Glenda lives in North Queensland, Australia and wishes to share these stories with the rest of the world.