Anzac. The Story of a Little Goat – Jacque Duffy (2015)


What happens when a little goat wants to be part of a family? What lengths will he go to to win them over?

A prize in an ANZAC Day two-up game gave him a name. But Anzac wants to be loved.

A story about perseverance and personality.

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Although this story is one of fiction, it is based on a real little goat named Anzac. He, like the goat in the story, came to live with a family one ANZAC Day.

Goats make great pets and can be house trained. They are known to be lovable creatures. They are friendly, loyal, dependable, enthusiastic, brave resilient, obliging and show great creativity in their thinking.

These qualities were also seen in the Australian and New Zealand soldiers when they landed on the shores of Gallipoli on the 25th April 1915. The very first ANZAC Day.

Soldiers take animals to war. Goats are among the animals that act as companions, mascots or as working animals.