My Australian Bird Obsession Volume One – The Wet Tropics – Queensland – Lynette Ensor (2017)


A pictorial guide that includes 327 colour photos to assist with the identification of some of the bird species that inhabit the Wet Tropics Region of Queensland. Where possible, the book includes photos of the male, female, juvenile or nestling, nesting habits and feeding habits of each species. It also features some of the most quirky and lesser known aspects of their biology and behaviour.

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About the Author

Born in Townsville but raised in southeast Queensland, Lynette Kay Ensor was seeking a little adventure and a closer connection to the environment. Tour guiding in far north Queensland in the 90s has evolved into a passion for photographing Australian birds and the desire to provide interesting information that is well researched and accompanied by images to aid accurate identification.

Initially Lynette created this compilation as an aid and tool for her work as a tour guide in far North Queensland. Many of the species included in this volume were on display where she worked, or were welcome visitors to her garden.

As Lynette wanted to include photographs of the male, female and young of each species as an aid to easy identification, she became obsessed, and this obsession has created a need in her to photograph every mainland Australia & Tasmanian bird species.

Lynette spends several months each year travelling around Australia in her motorhome, when she observes and photographs the varied and interesting characters of Australia’s bird world.

This is the first volume in what Lynette hopes will become a series of volumes highlighting the diversity and adaptability of Australia’s feathered friends.