Emergence – Malcolm Bell (2017)


The intention of this book is to record Malcolm’s ongoing life story, the surprising emergence of advanced psychic abilities and the wide-ranging and varied experiences that accompanied that paranormal evolution.

He has included here almost everything of spiritual and psychic significance that has happened on his pathway.

An amazing journey into the mystical realms of the supernatural and paranormal.


Malcolm is a mystic. Malcolm is a seer. Malcolm is an enigma.

The journey of self-realization is a life-long journey taken in great faith. It is a voyage into the unknown demanding epic proportions of belief. From the opening pages of Emergence your eyes will be widened in wonder at Malcolm’s recollections of the awakening of his gift and the great many mysteries that continue to unfold for him.

Malcolm bell has lived a life worthy of record. With his extended family he resides in the lush bush of the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. You will read of a boy who discovered at a very early age his ability to whisper horses back to health and then to heal humans. Malcolm has lived the life of a wanderer, a seeker, a healer and a gifted medium. There is a true selflessness that becomes the guide for the spiritual healer in his life – and Malcolm found his guide had a world of wonder and work in store for him.

There is no book, no map nor blueprinted script for the spiritual seeker. Every journey is a calling from within and while some will find the magic, some will falter, for the way is arduous and treacherous and will wind along tracks where even angels fear to tread.

Malcolm shares his gift with people from all walks of life and from countries all around the world. His story is one of wonder and intrigue and is his alone – but, as always, with Malcolm, he generously shares it in these pages with you!

There are many texts written about the spiritual journey, Emergence is one worthy of your time. It is written that everything in the Universe is hidden with coded messages to which only the chosen few are ready and privy.

Malcolm Bell is one of the chosen.

Written by Andy Maconachie – Author