Eyes from the Rock – Phillip Dowsett (2017)


The power of the Kimberley shapes a young man’s journey of self-discovery.

In December 1968, Luke, a university drop out travels to the Kimberley to work on a cattle station, and is mentored by Donald an older Aboriginal stockman. He enters a world totally alien to him where tensions are on the rise between cattle stations and mining exploration. Luke is saved by Donald from death in a cattle stampede, and then starts a job as a coxswain for an old seaman delivering supplies to coastal settlements. Into Luke’s close circle come two people, Jason a young government beaurocrat, and Miranda the daughter of a diamond exploration company executive. Luke is drawn closer into Donald’s life and culture, while his deepening love for Miranda unleashes internal anguish over a secret he has kept from her. The conflict between Miranda’s father and a cattle station owner finally ensnares Luke, and his failure to keep an important promise has shocking consequences for all those close to him.

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