Shadows of the Mountain – Robert Prince (2017)


One hundred years of Aboriginal oppression.

A story of how Australia got it wrong.

In the story Marku, a noble Aboriginal woman and central character, witnesses events from pre-European times to the eventual destruction of her culture. Midst all the turmoil she falls in love with James, allowing her to experience both cultures.


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A novel portraying the grim reality of how the Aborigines, the original inhabitants of Australia, were treated during the early days of European settlement.

The story digs into the heart of colonialism and the hearts of those involved in this epic period of history. Aborigines, who had occupied the continent for 60,000 years, suddenly found themselves embroiled in a conflict which threatens their very existence.

The tragedy, as witnessed by members of the Mossman River tribe of Northern Australia, begins when Europeans arrive in their secluded valley in 1874. It then traces the next 100 years of their struggle for survival and recognition.”

About the Author:

Robert Prince is something of a hybrid, a man equally happy mustering wild cattle on horseback in the Australian bush or sitting quietly researching history. His writings reflect this love for outdoor adventure and academic research, combining the two to present racy stories based on historical themes.

A snapshot of his life includes being raised as the son of a sugar-mill manager in the tropical paradise of Mossman, North Queensland, Australia; graduating from the University of New England with a B Econ; marrying a country girl; raising four beautiful children; and being a successful businessman.

As principal of his own accounting practice he enjoyed the freedom to choose and diversify, with side interests being sugarcane farming and cattle grazing. He has been referred to as the Phantom Accountant, to describe his absence from the office while attending to his spread of interests.

Since retiring from business, writing has become a passion, with the publication of his novels The Farrier’s Son and Shadows of the Mountain.

After experiencing the rigors of life he has come to the conclusion that creative writing is the ultimate escape.


I enjoyed it immensely, finding it powerful and provocative. We would certainly appreciate a few copies for the library. It would be available to senior students in the normal course.

The forthright style and multiple perspectives in the narrative will make excellent reading for interested students and staff.

Again, thank you for thinking of us and for providing a unique insight.


James Wall


Mossman State High School