Tara Mature Aussie Lady – Taylor Tara (2017)


Book One: The Beginning

Taylor Tara’s debut memoir uncovers the forbidden world of a mature Aussie sex worker with titillating candour. Discover the love, the laughter, and the tears as she takes you behind the scenes to meet the amazing men who are a part of her new world. She breaks the mold of your perceptions of sex work with personal insight into the controversial world of paid sex.

From steamy sex scenes to the vulnerable, the lonely, and the lost, Taylor Tara’s story details actual events from her roller-coaster ride of a career.

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This book will let you into Tara’s private world, a world that, to some, is forbidden. Tara writes with insight, compassion, and honesty. She allows us to share her personal journey of navigating her way through a world she at first knew very little about. Tara is more than a ‘working girl’; she is an amazing advocate for both men and women and always wants the best for everyone. over many appointments and coffees  I have learnt Tara passes no judgement onto anyone. She holds a commitment to herself to always be truthful, kind and empathetic.

Taylor Tara, a true mature Aussie lady, is an amazing, strong and beautiful woman.

Jo-Anne, Clinical Nurse.