Playing with Fire. Catalyst Trilogy Book One – Timothy Diamond (2014)


“Catalyst” is a three volume epic fictional story of Tom Davis’s extraordinary life that spans time, historical events, and multiple continents.

From initially meeting his first love in a quiet country town in the sixties, to quitting his adventurous life at the turn at the new Millenium.

Book One introduces Tom, our main character as he tells us of his life, starting with a love affair, and culminating with end of his first tour of duty in Vietnam.

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About the Author

“Timothy Diamond” is a pseudonym for my real name.

I grew up in the provincial town of Rockhampton in Central Queensland, and the exploits of my hero, “Tom Davis”, are loosely based on actual events in my own life. (Hence the pseudonym)

My story is original and exciting; it contains elements of young love, teenage rebellion, family conflict, corruption, war time experiences, and espionage.