It’s No Secret….. There’s Money in Small Business – Tyson E. Franklin (2017)


Why do some small business owners have thriving, highly profitable businesses while others don’t?

Here’s the simple truth: every successful small business owner thinks and behaves differently to every unsuccessful small business owner, and how you think and behave will have a direct influence on what you will or won’t achieve in life, both personally and professionally. Does this mean that the amount of money you make equates to your level of success? No, it doesn’t, but for some strange reason money does flow towards successful business owners, and this book is all about learning what those successful people do.

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About the Author

Since graduating from the Queensland University of Technology in 1988, Tyson Franklin has worked diligently towards being a successful business owner and a mentor to others. His long term goal is to help younger small business owners avoid the same mistakes he made when first starting out in business, and to guide them to sustainable long-term success.