A Fox in the Night – Vincent Gilvarry (2017)


After he loses his parents, William Cahill retreats into a world of his own and his life would have spiraled out of control if it had not been for Aunt Augusta. She drags him back from the brink and transforms his life and that of his siblings, but Augusta Cahill is no ordinary woman. She might be dreadfully wealthy and a pathetic old socialite, but she can be a force to be reckoned with. This is a story about life, death, and suffering on the home front, a place that can be as perilous as a battlefield.

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Australian author Vincent Gilvarry has created an inspiring story set in Australia against the background of the First World War. According to an old family legend, his grand-aunt’s boyfriend used to write to her from Gallipoli, but she never received his letters. It appears that her brother had been collecting them from the post office, but never passed them on.